• Domestic and Family Violence
    Domestic and Family Violence
Domestic and Family Violence

1 in 4 Women and 1 in 12 Men have experienced Family and Domestic Violence in Australia.

In Victoria alone, there were 76 329 incidents of family violence reported in 2016. There were 71 deaths nationwide in 2016, directly related to domestic and family violence.

The continued Health, Administration and Social Welfare cost for family violence against women is estimated at $21.7 billion a year

At Protective Group, we work with support agencies to ensure survivors remain safe in their own homes and communities. We endeavour to promote a sense of normality back to these victim’s lives.

  • Student Welfare
    Student Welfare
Student Welfare

1 In 5 University Students have been the Victim of Sexual Abuse on a University Campus.

23,732 International Students Were Recorded as Victims of Crime in a Single Year.

Less Than 40% Of crimes against International Students are reported to Police.

International Education is Australia’s largest service exporter at 16.3 Billion a Year
At Protective Group, we work in partnership with International Student Care to provide 24hr support across Australia by:

• Locating missing international students.
• Providing direct support to students who are victims of crime.
• Providing direct support where international students have been arrested or charged.
• Supporting international students through legal and/or court matters.
• Providing assistance and pathways for international students who are affected by Domestic and Family Violence.
• Offering advice over rental disputes involving international students.
• Offering advice in relation to employment issues involving international students

  • Corporate risk
    Corporate risk
Corporate risk

At Protective Group, we specialise in managing corporate risk around those organisations who provide services to the community. These include job placement centres, Universities and health care facilities. We also assist companies who require end to end personal risk management solutions for the safe guarding of staff. Our experienced team assist clients to identify their work place risks, and then provide solutions to minimise the impact of that risk on everyday operations.

Whether your organisation requires Close Personal Protection for traveling executives, workplace training in de-escalation and behavioural awareness, or a full Crisis Management review-Protective Group will deliver a quality end to end solution.

Specialists in the Protection of Family Violence
Victims and Survivors

Protective Group are the leading risk management specialists for family and domestic violence.

Working in a nation-wide partnership with the Salvation Army, Protective Group have been identified as the leading organisation in providing authentic safety treatments for victims of family violence. As a result, Protective Group were called to provide expert evidence in the 2015 Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence.

With the ongoing success in protecting Australia’s most vulnerable people, Protective Group have now expanded their services to deliver high-end security services including:

• Close Personal Protection (CPP)
• Workplace training for family & domestic violence, incorporating personal security awareness for corporations and individuals

Protective Group is committed to providing a genuine service in a professional and caring manner, and will ensure the safety and security of the client is the highest priority.

Thanks for your support. Your group is redefining collaboration between policing and external providers of support. I admire the work being done by Protective Group and the Salvation Army in providing options of expertise for Police. At the Gold Coast DFV Taskforce, we look forward to our future with you.

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Gold Coast Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce



  • Agile and responsive
  • Nationwide capability
  • Salvation Army Partnership under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Safer in The Home Program
  • Demonstrated leaders in protecting family violence survivors, vulnerable people and children at risk
  • Specialists in managing all aspects of risk around international students through partnerships with International Student Care

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