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What we do.

After we perform a risk assessment of a victim survivors home to ascertain areas of vulnerability, we determine what is needed to increase safety. Likely it will include a combination of the services we offer:

  • Risk, safety, and lethality assessments.
  • Increased home security – locks, cameras, secure windows, etc.
  • Review and implementation of personal safety planning.
  • Community Protect Commsync Alert technology – a discreet duress alert device with GPS to instantly connect with a 24/7 monitoring center.
  • IT and cyber security services including – debugging, anti spyware, tracker removal services.


How we work.

Protective Group is the parent company of Protective Services, TekSafe, ISC, and Community Protect, all created to defend and keep vulnerable communities safe from harm. Family domestic violence is a national epidemic affecting the lives of all people living, working, or visiting Australia. We operate nationally covering remote areas of Australia so no one is left behind. We beat perpetrators at their own game using the highest levels of technology, the sharpest minds in law enforcement, and compassion to empower victim survivors.

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