Despite efforts to reduce domestic and family violence in Australia there is still one woman dying each week at the hands of a violent partner, husband or father. In Queensland alone there have been 18 deaths throughout 2016.

There are pending changes to legislation around Domestic Violence and whilst Federal Government have made a priority of addressing the issues surrounding domestic violence, we are still seeing gaps that have led to the deaths of innocent people in our community.

Protective Group, provide a turnkey solution that can be activated within 24hrs of receiving a referral from Police, referral agencies or direct contact.

As a husband and a father of two young girls, I strongly support this important initiative. I encourage the government, business and industry to support this program which has already assisted over 700 women and children to remain safe and free from the terror of domestic violence.

I have referred this program, and the work currently being undertaken by Protective Group and Optic Group, to anti-domestic violence advocates to raise the awareness on this unique and effective initiative.

I whole heartedly endorse this program and look forward to your support in helping those members of our community affected by domestic violence.


Ben Roberts-Smith VC, MG General Manager Seven Brisbane/Regional Queensland

I would like to bring a particular person by the name of ‘Steven Wilson’ to your services’ attention. This man has allowed me to return to my own home. In meeting Steven he showed his utmost professionalism and also his kindness. I had to make a number of phone calls to Steven and at all times nothing was a bother.

As I explained to Steven, I haven’t taken what has been done for me lightly. I have never had to have charity before in my life. I always thought of myself as a hard working single mother. But I just wanted to thank Crossroads Salvation Army from the bottom of my heart. I believe this journey has just begun for me, words are not enough, but that is all I am able to give at this moment.

Yours sincerely, TS

I would like this opportunity to thank you for bringing Grant from Protective Group into mine and my daughter’s lives and for making our home a safer place to be. Grant has been outstanding and so respectful and understanding in regards to our circumstances. He’s made such a difference in our lives and we really appreciate him. I would highly recommend Grant for any other family who is also going through their own traumatic circumstances. Thank you so much for helping us.

Kind Regards, DC (QLD)

I just wanted to drop you a line and give you and the Salvation Army a very big THANK YOU.
Through the Brisbane Domestic Violence Service, over the past few months, Grant has undertaken an assessment of the security risk at my home and as a result, the locks have been changes and the home recently cleared of bugging devices. This work would not have been affordable for me as I am unemployed due to disabilities and struggling financially. Until the Brisbane Domestic Violence Service had contacted me (following a Protection Order issued), I was completely unaware that such a wonderful service existed for victims like me. I dread to think what I would have done or how I would have coped in those early days without these services.

Until Grant had arranged for a review of my security, I was extremely stressed, not sleeping well and continually worried for my safety. However, I am now feeling a little better but still have a long way to go.

I expressed to Grant my gratitude on Sunday when he did the bugging device assessment and I wanted to express this to you also. I am so impressed with the service provided by the Salvation Army to the public and intend to donate again once my financial situation improves. On a personal note, Grant has conducted himself so very professionally, listen to me and provided a sympathetic ear and deserves this recognition.

Again, thank you for being there for me. All the best. SC (QLD)

Thank you. Just that face to face will go a long way towards her wellbeing and validation of her reality. Please pass on my thanks to Steve for following up so quickly and for agreeing to return on his next visit.

Regards, Jeanine (worker)

Hi….It was lovely speaking with you today. Thank you so very, very much for you help and assistance through our times of duress. Protective Group did a fantastic, thorough and professional job of ensuring we have a much safer residence for my family and myself. Again, many thanks for your help and support during our difficult times as the safety of my family is paramount but financially it wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity.

Kindest regards, KT

Thank you… this means so much, you and your team have been and continue to be such a strong support for me and my little ones, i just can’t thank you enough,

Thanks J.

Hey there All, G’day from a perfect Queensland Day!….what you are doing is incredible – thank you for the amazing difference you are making to the lives of so many people.

Blessings, Chris-Major (Southport Court Chaplain, QLD)

I wanted to give you some more feedback from RT. She is doing remarkably well, I mean remarkably well. I managed to catch up with her during her lunch break last Tuesday. It was the best I’ve ever seen her. We were sharing some laughter and joy together, which we have got close to, but not like we did on Tuesday. She is in a really good space, and place. This has really changed her family’s life…
She is really grateful for the gate and front door. You have really changed her perspective on life and helped her on her journey. She is really grateful for the help.

Thanks for all your help. (Chaplain, TAS)

I would just like to say thank you for accepting my referral and for your support for C in the Safer in the Home program. C just came to me and thanked me for referring her and informed me of all the assistance and support that she has been given. C is one very appreciative and happy person for what your team have provided for her so that she, as well as her children, can feel safer in their home. Having a program such as Safer in the Home to be able to refer persons to supports the role that I do as a chaplain.

In grateful appreciation, Joyleen (Court Chaplain, VIC)

The service that Salvation Army and Protective Group provides to these victims is incredible. We at the Gold Coast Domestic & Family Violence Taskforce appreciate your support.


I just want to thank you for your prompt and professional assessment and the recommendations for security improvements which you conducted at my place of residence. The process was undertaken and completed so quickly and thoroughly and appears to have been so well-organised with the all the entities involved, including BDVS, Protective Group, Salvation Army and the extremely efficient locksmith who carried out the work.

This service is invaluable to members of the public who have suffered immeasurably, as it is likely to drastically reduce anxiety and stress in victims of domestic violence, while increasing their safety and security. I, for one, have not slept so well, nor felt so safe, in many years. My peace of mind has been restored.

Thank you.