Private Investigator (PI), Surveillance & Investigations

Experience that counts with a Private Investigator

With backgrounds as detectives in some of the most prestigious Police investigation departments, we conduct Private Investigator (PI), Investigations and Surveillance to unravel complex cases. With a focus on Family Law, our cyber profiling and skip tracing procedures can assist clients in proceedings.

We conduct discreet private investigations, surveillance investigations and undercover operations. Our private investigators and private detectives can assist you in determining the validation of an event or process. We will document activities; places visited, and also identify who they are communicating with. In addition, we will obtain video and / or photographic documentation of all activities and of all suspects. You will also receive a thorough investigative report.

How our Private Investigator and Private Detective service works.

We use the latest technology and proven techniques through years of personal law enforcement experience to discover every piece of information needed to uncover the truth for our clients. We provide our clients with regular updates, subject activity, and location reporting throughout the case until final resolution.

Our Private Investigator and Private Detective services have a particular focus on Family Law however we also offer the following investigative channels:

-Workplace Injuries
-Elder Abuse
-Pre-employment Investigation/Background check
-Financial Abuse
-Fraud Investigation
-Skip Tracing
-Investigation Surveillance
-Digital Forensic
-Computer Forensic
-Cyber Investigators

What sets our Private Investigator (PI), Surveillance & Investigations apart?

Through a combined 100+ years of operational law enforcement, military and corporate risk management experience, we bring a unique, concentric layered approach to safety and security for our clients. When you hire a private investigator conducting investigation surveillance we take pride in delivering quality, client-focused safety services from start to finish, regardless of how complex the situation may be. Ultimately, our top priority is to ensure our clients feel safe and secure at all times.

Our Private Investigator (PI), Surveillance & Investigation services are available in Australia – Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

We also offer Cyber Profiling also known as cyber private investigator and cyber security private investigator services that can assist in profiling your cyber presence including social media and reduce the risk of technology abuse and online bullying. We can also assist with cyber surveillance investigations such as the Metaverse or a cheating spouse online.

Learn more, about our Private Investigator (PI), Surveillance or Investigations team.

We are often asked when a client engages in private investigator services if are Private Investigators legal in Australia and what can a Private Investigator do in Australia.

Interested in how to become a Private Investigator or work in surveillance investigations?

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Step 1

Communication process with the client to understand the scope of the Private Investigator (PI), Surveillance or Investigations required.

Step 2

We formulate a plan and what is required of the Private Investigator (PI), Surveillance or Investigations. We keep our clients thoroughly informed and connected during this process. For severe or complex investigations, an investigation team will be more effective than a single investigator.

Step 3

Commence the investigation and collection of information is available from numerous sources, not only people involved or witnesses to the investigation, but also from equipment, documents and through technology.

Step 4

Present the findings and recommendations to the client and request from them authority to continue the Private Investigator (PI), Surveillance or Investigations.

Step 5

We continue the investigation, once again keeping the client fully informed of the happenings along with regular updates.

Step 6

We present the final report and findings to the client, remembering it could become evidence in further legal proceedings, our report will: present all the relevant information identified during the course of the investigation.

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