Internet Online Investigations & Cyber Profiling

Keeping an eye on you- Internet Online Investigations & Cyber Profiling

We analyse your tech and work with you to understand the level of cyber awareness amongst your team and the maturity of your business processes. Through an investigative lens, we can assist in profiling your cyber presence and reduce the risk of technology abuse and online bullying. We can also assist in removing information off the internet that can be damaging to your reputation.

With backgrounds as detectives in some of the most prestigious Police investigation departments, we conduct Private Investigator (PI), Investigations and Surveillance to unravel complex cases. With a focus on Family Law, our cyber profiling and skip tracing procedures can assist clients in proceedings.

Internet Online Investigations & Cyber Profiling can assist with the following services:
– Cyber Investigations
– Internet Investigations
– Online Investigations
– Cyber Profiling
– Account Hacking
– Defamation Investigation

How it works.

It is imperative that we educate technology users around cyber safety and security. The growth of information systems and the internet has revealed a new world of crime, those that are committed in the digital world. Criminal profiling is used to deal with physical crimes however techniques to deal with e-crimes is a challenge especially due to anonymity on the web, geographic and legal barriers. Many cyber crimes can either go unreported or unnoticed. Unlike in the physical world, the “crime scene” is not approached in the traditional manner.

DEVELOPING a cyber-criminal profile involves distinct and different steps and the victimology may help us to understand the motivations.

1. Crimes committed for monetary purposes (company hacking, elder abuse)

2. Crimes committed for emotional reasons (cyber stalking, family violence, bullying)

3. Crimes driven by sexual impulses (paedophilia, revenge porn)

4. Cyber terrorism (Politically motivated)

5. Crimes sharing copyright material (film sharing)

A level of technical and forensic expertise is important in understanding cyber-criminal behaviour.

What sets our Internet Online Investigations & Cyber Profiling apart?

Even a criminal with average technical skills may commit cyber-crime using social and psychological manipulation. Our expert team lead-by a former senior Victorian Police detective will assist you in cyber awareness and cyber profiling anyone who poses a threat to individuals and/or corporations. We bring traditional forensic examination into the modern times.

Our Internet Online Investigations & Cyber Profiling are available Australia Wide – Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.
We also offer traditional Private Investigator services.
Discreet wearable technology

Eliminate Cyber Abuse

Keep your business safe online

Immediate co-ordinated response

Social Media profiling

Online fraud protection

Protect your businesses reputation online

Keep your employees safe online

Step 1

Communication process with the client to understand the level of cyber awareness/abuse during this discovery phase. We further understand the type of service required for the client be it Cyber Investigations, Internet Investigations, Online Investigations or Cyber Profiling.

Step 2

Formulate an investigative plan and scope of works keeping clients thoroughly informed and connected during this process.

Step 3

Conduct the Cyber Investigations, Internet Investigations, Online Investigations or Cyber Profiling service.

Step 4

Present the findings to the client and request from them if any further investigation is required.

Step 5

Train the client in cyber safety and awareness relevant to the findings.

Step 6

Final report submitted to the client after the Cyber Investigations, Internet Investigations, Online Investigations or Cyber Profiling service. Conveying any relevant discovered evidence across.

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