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We exist to help people stay safe from the scourge of family and domestic violence, and to ensure organisations and individuals have a quality security and safety response anywhere in Australia.

Right now across Australia, there are thousands of individuals, families and organisations that are the victims of violent crimes. To access help and gain control and security back in their lives, these victims will generally turn to the police, NGOs or other support networks. But their services and expertise can only go so far. And that’s where we come in.

Protective Group was established with the key objective of keeping women and children safe from domestic and family violence. Through a combined 60 years of operational law enforcement, military and corporate risk management experience, we bring a unique, concentric layered approach to safety and security for victim survivors.

Via our three core service streams – Protective Services, Tek Safe and International Student Care – we assess every case individually and create a unique combination of solutions to overcome the issues being faced. It’s because of this personalised, tailored approach that the organisations we work with, as well as their clients, recognise us as being trustworthy, reliable and credible specialists in the safety and security field.

At Protective Group, we take pride in delivering quality, client focused safety services from start to finish, regardless of how complex the situation may be. Ultimately, our top priority is to ensure our clients feel safe and secure at all times.

Every action we take and decision we make is guided by a set of core values.

We keep victim survivors at the centre of what we do.

We keep victim survivors at the centre of what we do.

We keep safety at the heart of our practices.

We keep safety at the heart of our practices.

We work with the highest levels of integrity, discretion and care to maintain our passion for justice.

We work with the highest levels of integrity, discretion and care to maintain our passion for justice.

We aim to be a community resource and role model for the protection of vulnerable communities and organisations.

We aim to be a community resource and role model for the protection of vulnerable communities and organisations.

We combine our knowledge, dedication and hard work to surpass our clients’ expectations and achieve positive results.

We combine our knowledge, dedication and hard work to surpass our clients’ expectations and achieve positive results.

Our team.

As well as the extensive skills and experience held by our Partners, it’s their commitment and dedication to keeping people safe that really sets Protective Group apart.

Stephen Wilson

Stephen Wilson

As CEO of the Protective Group and a Senior Partner in International Student Care, Stephen is a passionate advocate of domestic violence victim-survivors and considered a leading expert in risk management around the safety of victims. Working closely with the Salvation Army, government, police and other not-for-profits, he is well regarded and a keynote speaker at many events and conferences.

Stephen has a combined 37 years of experience working in law enforcement, security, investigations and the hospitality industry. While serving with the Victoria Police Force, he worked within the National Crime Authority, Drug Squad, Licensing, Gaming and Vice Branch, and as a Criminal Investigator.

Having been awarded the prestigious Victoria Police Chief Commissioner’s Award, Stephen is recognised as Australia’s “First long-term Undercover Police Operative”, and holds qualifications in security, investigations, risk management and corrections.

Stephen is passionate about the protection of people and not just property. This is his area of expertise and the value that he can add to the safety, security and welfare of family violence victims and survivors, as well as people in crisis, is extensive.

To learn more about Stephen visit his Linkedin profile.

Steven Schultze

Steven Schultze

Steven has a combined 35 years of experience working in law enforcement, the security industry and family violence sector. While serving with the Victoria Police Force, he performed duties with the Homicide Squad, Armed Robbery Squad and the Bureau of Criminal Intelligence, and is an experienced and decorated investigator responsible for complex and serious crime investigations.

Amongst many other training programs, Steven has completed the internationally recognised FBI Advanced Covert Training Course. In 2014 and again in 2018, he also completed Advanced Domestic Violence Training conducted by the International Family Justice Alliance.

Since leaving the Victoria Police Force, Steven has continued his passion for protecting individuals by becoming a recognised expert in the implementation of risk and safety management strategies within the family violence sector.

Steven still works closely with victims, services and government departments within the family violence sector and justice system. His initiatives include emergency response solutions as well as assessing and implementing safety measures around family violence victims, allowing them to remain safely in their own home and community.

To learn more about Steven visit his Linkedin profile.

Nicholas Shaw

Nic has a strong passion for helping other people with over 20 years of being involved in various community organisations.

Nic was heavily involved in the Scouting movement and achieved scout of the year in 2005 along with the premiers award.

Nic progressed from Scouting into emergency management and was a member of the State Emergency Service and Country Fire Authority for many years including during the Black Saturday Bushfires.

Nic worked in a Correctional environment for 7 years In various roles before transitioning to Protective Group in 2018. During his time working in Corrections, Nic has worked with Perpetrators of Domestic/Family Violence which gives him an understanding of how to develop strategies and safety measures to best mitigate against violent behaviours of perpetrators against Victim Survivors.

Nic has extensive working knowledge in disrupting technological facilitated abuse and works closely with Victim Survivors to disrupt technological abuse and educate to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence.

Matilda Hall (Tilly)

Tilly has a combined 6 years of professional experience within the family violence field, working in the corporate sector and on the frontline as a member of Victoria Police.

Academically, Tilly has trained extensively in various areas as she is passionate about human nature and global culture. Tilly has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Politics. In addition, she has undertaken various short courses in Family Violence through the DV-Alert program whilst successfully undertaking the rigours of the Victorian Police Academy.

With a warm and victim-centric personality centred around a proactive response to security for victims of family violence, Tilly’s experience and maturity is a vital asset to the team. Tilly’s experience as a member of the Victoria Police is invaluable, providing on the ground experience in investigations and advanced training in family violence and perpetrator behaviour.

Tilly’s niche professional experience within the family violence sector is pivotal to her role as a Senior Risk Manager.

Mark Tully

As a founding Senior Partner of International Student Care which was established in 2002 Mark believes strongly in providing support services around the care and welfare of international students whilst they are studying in Australia.

Mark has a combined 38 years’ experience in law enforcement and the private security sector. Whilst serving with the Victoria Police Force he worked in both uniform general duties policing and specializing as an undercover & surveillance operative working with the Bureau of Criminal Intelligence, Crime Departments Surveillance Unit, ASIO and other national security units.

He is an expert in the field of close personal protection which included conducting risk and threat assessments for local VIPs and visiting international dignitaries.

Mark was twice recognized for his bravery and courage when he was awarded the Royal Humane Society Commendation for Brave Conduct and the Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct.

Mark also has formal qualifications in Security and Risk Management, Investigations and Correctional Practice.

Desmond Campbell

Desmond Campbell is our Safety Assessment Specialist for the Safer in the Home Program for the Northern Territory and is a strong advocate for Aboriginal women and all women to get the support they need to be empowered and free from violence. Desmond is also the First Nations Practice Lead with a non for profit, Social Ventures Australia. Desmond has worked on a range of projects influencing better service delivery practices in sectors such as health, social justice, family welfare and strategy development in community-led social ventures. One of Desmond’s strengths and passions is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations to achieve control and self-determination for the communities as a whole.

Originally from the Northern Territory, Desmond is of the Gurindji (Southern-Western Desert) and the Ngalakan (South-East Arnhem Land) people.

Desmond’s past experiences has been with the Northern Territory Government in a number of roles including Operations Manager for the community based Family Violence Program with NT Correctional Services, which also included public policy and framework development and implementation around family and domestic violence prevention; a Project Officer developing a gender equity strategy with the Anti-Discrimination Commission; and, more recently, Senior Executive Officer for the Attorney General and Justice Department for the Northern Territory. Desmond worked with the Executive Team and the Attorney General on priority projects for the NT Government.

Desmond has extensive experience in family and domestic violence prevention and is a current Board Director at Our Watch.

Rachael Liu

Rachael first started with Protective Group as an intern in 2019 while completing her Masters in Accounting.

Rachael is from Shenzhen in China and speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese.  Rachael manages our Accounts team and with her knowledge and experiences of coming to Australia to study she is well equipped to understand the complexities and challenges faced as an international student.

Often due to her fluent English language skills, Rachael is used as a translator not only for our International Student Care business but also when required on location with our other brands; Protective Services and Tek Safe.

Rafael Silva

Rafael started his journey at Protective Group in 2019 as an intern while completing his Masters in Software Engineering.

Rafael manages our IT department and he is driven in assisting victims and clients disrupting technology abuse through technological methods and tools.

Eager to increase clients safety, confidence and wellbeing, Rafael performs the development and implementation of new technologies as well as new methods such as the Spyware Detection Tool, Teksafe Watch 1 (Huawei), Teksafe Watch 2 (Samsung), Teksafe App, Teksafe Pendant, Web platforms, to name a few.

Our Policies

Our future is shaped by our purpose and our values form the foundation of our culture. Our purpose unites all of us and focuses our energy. Our policies set out our commitment to you. They describe what you can expect from us and the standards that we strive to achieve.

Our team through a consultative process formulated our policies to ensure we deliver what we promise.

Through all our interactions we stress to all employees, suppliers and contractors of our company that everything handled in our offices is private and confidential. Nothing about our clients should be discussed outside our offices – with family, friends or other clients. No team members at Protective Group through its brands; Protective Services, Tek Safe and International Student Care ever discuss a client’s situation with anyone else who may request information about an account unless they are specifically authorised in writing, by the client, to do so.

If you would like any more information about our policies please contact us.

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From threat detection through security and vulnerability assessments to Close Personal Protection and safety planning, we use a range of methodologies, including technology, to keep individuals and organisations safe.

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As well as creating technology to keep vulnerable people and workers safe, we specialise in detecting technology-facilitated abuse, including scanning and searching for hidden devices.

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For international students studying in Australia, we offer 24/7 welfare support services, and end-to-end transportation to ensure the safety of children and students.

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