Protective Services

Keeping people and organisations throughout Australia safe and secure.

Protective Services is focused on keeping individuals, organisations and their workforce safe from physical and technology facilitated abuse. By partnering with the nation’s leaders in family and domestic violence services, policing, technology, security and government we’re able to put in place tailor made, highly effective risk and safety measures.

Under Protective Services we carry out a wide range of services for individuals and organisations. These include:

  • Home risk and safety assessments and interventions that keep people experiencing violence and abuse or family separation feeling safer and able to go about their daily lives with confidence
  • Assessments and interventions to disrupt technology facilitated abuse and increase safety for individuals and families with their technology
  • Professional investigations and security services tailored to the needs of individuals, businesses, government, and legal entities.

We understand that in many cases discretion is critical. As a result, our highly experienced team is able to provide our services and specialised protection to people, families and corporations without alerting perpetrators to our presence.

We work closely with clients to understand their situation and any threats posed. We then work quickly to develop a tailored plan to reduce the threats and enhance safety.

Our passion for safety, wellbeing and justice is what drives us. Please contact us to find out more about how we can assist you or your organisation.

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Risk and safety assessments for vulnerable people

Comprehensive, personalised home risk and safety assessments provided by experienced, professional assessors in all states and territories.
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Disruption of technology facilitated abuse

Our Tek Assure service is focused upon disrupting abuse via technology, reducing further risk and optimising safety.
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Interventions to enhance security

We recommend and then arrange measures to keep people experiencing abuse safer.
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Close Personal Protection

Providing individually tailored protection plans and qualified Personal Protection Officers to provide for the safety of the Client.
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Workplace security risk assessments and auditing

Conducting in depth assessments to identify threats, risks and vulnerabilities. Identifying potential harm minimisation and mitigation strategies.
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Safety planning for DV victim survivors

Reviewing victims’ online profiles to make them less vulnerable to further abuse by a perpetrator. Practical advice and instruction on how to stay safe online.
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Cyber profile checks

Conducting discrete surveillance operations utilising a broad range of techniques.
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Delivering in depth investigations, skip tracing and knowledge acquisition of the identified subject.
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Security services

Providing a range of security solutions from experienced professional Security Guards to Crowd Controllers in a broad range of operating environments.

Property Risk and Safety Assessment

Comprehensive personalised home risk and safety assessments provided by experienced, professional assessors in all states and territories. Enabling people experiencing violence and abuse or family separation to feel safe and able to go about their daily lives with confidence.

Technical sweeps of homes and vehicles

Disrupting technology abuse is at the core of our business. If you feel that you are being stalked or a victim of malicious spyware, hidden cameras and other forms of illegal surveillance we can assist in detecting and removing these threats.

Computer and phone scans (on-site)

We disrupt technology abuse to give confidence to our clients that their networks are secure and not compromised.

Safety planning in the home and the workplace

Conducting in-depth assessments to identify threats, risks and vulnerabilities.  Especially so during these Covid-19 times with personnel working from home.

Investigations (personal and corporate)

With backgrounds as detectives in some of the most prestigious Police investigation departments we conduct investigations and surveillance to unravel complex cases.  With a focus on Family Law our cyber profiling and skip tracing procedures can assist clients in proceedings.

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