TSCM Car & Home Bug Sweep, Hidden Camera Detector, Listening Device Detector, Bug Detector and GPS Car Tracker Detector service.

Why we are the Hidden Camera Detector, Listening Device Detector, Tracker Detector experts.

At Protective Group, we take pride in delivering quality, client focused safety services from start to finish, regardless of how complex the situation may be. Our TSCM Home & Car Bug Sweep, Hidden Camera Detector, Listening Device Detector, Tracker Detector service is designed to locate and intervene in illegal hidden surveillance such as hidden spy cameras, hidden listening devices and GPS Car Trackers.

Ultimately, our top priority is to ensure our clients feel safe and secure at all times. a combined 100+ years of operational law enforcement, military and corporate risk management experience, we bring a unique, concentric layered approach to safety and security for our clients.

A Bug Sweep is also typically known as a TSCM sweep or hidden camera detector, spy camera finder detector, eavesdropping device, spy listening device detector, bugging device detector, home sweep, car sweep or GPS tracker detector.

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Our team regularly appears on SBS, ABC News, Channel 9 News, A Current Affair, The Age, Herald Sun and 3AW as industry experts for our Car and Home Bug Sweep service. We are often called upon to provide feedback and commentary on current issues related to Technology Abuse and the impact on Domestic Violence victims.

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We use technology to break technology abuse.

Disrupting technology abuse is at the core of our business. If you feel that you are being stalked or a victim of malicious spyware, hidden cameras and other forms of illegal surveillance we can assist in detecting and removing these threats.

Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and Bug Detection service detects all types of bugging devices:

  • Listening Devices & Eavesdropping Devices
  • Tracking Devices
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Recording Devices
  • Voice Recorders
  • Vision and Motion Detection Devices
  • Infrared Night Vision and Motion Devices
  • Spy Listening Devices
  • Spy Devices
  • GPS Car Trackers
  • Car Cameras and Dashcams

Technology itself is not the problem- rather, it is the behaviour of the abuser who uses it. Technology is vital for keeping connected with children, family and friends as well the wider community so the best solution where there is abuse is not just to turn it all off. Technology can be used positively, enabling access to services and support when you need it.

It can also help you gather evidence of abuse if needed. It is important not to react to technology-facilitated abuse without thinking first about the implications of any changes made on the abuser’s behaviour, as removing an online presence on social media or discarding devices could alert an abuser or escalate abusive behaviour if they think their ex-partner is removing control and access.

Four out of five of our clients who are victims of Domestic or Family Violence are experiencing technology abuse with surveillance and detect listening devices prominent in victims homes.

Process of our TSCM Car & Home Bug Sweep, Hidden Camera Detector, Listening Device Detector, Bug Detector and GPS Car Tracker Detector service.

Upon requesting or being referred to our service, we will make time to meet with you or your client to conduct and perform the TSCM Car and Home Bug Sweep Service. Our services are available Australia wide and can be held at our National Support Office located in Melbourne or at a location anywhere in Australia.

Whilst meeting with you or your client we will conduct the Home and/or Car Sweep service utilising our Hidden Camera Detector, Listening Device Detector, Bug Detector and GPS Car Tracker Detector equipment and conduct a physical and electronic sweep for tracking, listening, transmitting and recording devices. We talk this through with the client to ensure they understand what steps need to be taken to keep them safe with their future use of technology.

A written assessment report will be prepared with interventions recorded and recommendations made. The report includes any further actions that may be required and it is forwarded to the client or referrer post appointment.

Our TSCM Car & Home Bug Sweep, Hidden Camera Detector, Listening Device Detector and Spy Bug Detector services are available Australia wide – Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

What sets our TSCM Car & Home Bug Sweep apart?

We bring years of experience, technology and research to offer a comprehensive, personalised assessment and inspection of the client’s car, home and smart home. Where there are accompanying children with smart devices we strongly recommend that this is part of the assessment and we provide practical advice through experience. We use reputable Hidden Camera Detector, Hidden Spy Cameras Detector, Spy Listening Device Detector, Bugging Device Detector, Eavesdropping Device, GPS Car Tracking and Car Tracker Detector equipment backed by over 100+ years of law enforcement and practical experience.

Bug Sweep
Bug Sweep
Bug Sweep
Hidden Camera Detector

Personalised advice

Hidden Camera Detector

Immediate interventions to disrupt tracking by perpetrators

Hidden Camera Detector

We Tech sweep all types of devices

Hidden Camera Detector

We check for location and GPS tracking devices

Hidden Camera Detector

Australia wide

Hidden Camera Detector

Physical and electronic sweep for tracking

hidden camera detector

Step 1

Clients directly or an organisation on behalf of a client make a request via phone or on our website for our TSCM Car & Home Bug Sweep.

Step 2

We arrange a time to meet with the client and intervene immediately, where safe to do so, to disrupt technology-facilitated abuse. We utilise our hidden camera detector, listening device detector, bug detector and GPS car tracker detector equipment to locate illegal surveillance and tracking.

hidden camera detector
hidden camera detector

Step 3

We document our assessment and findings from our hidden camera detector, listening device detector, bug detector and GPS car tracker detector equipment. We compile a report and recommend any future interventions and security upgrades.

Step 4

We send the report to the client or the organisation that is representing a client. You approve the new interventions and arrange for them to be paid or approve the funding.

hidden camera detector

Step 5

With funding for interventions approved, you advise us to proceed with project managing implementation.

Step 6

Upgrades per the recommendations are completed and if required we may make further recommendations.

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