International Student Care App

Safety through technology

Our exclusive International Student Care App is perfect for domestic and international students, across all levels of education. Our App was designed with one point in mind:to keep students safe, regardless if it’s their first year of secondary school or an international student travelling for the first time overseas. Our enabled geofencing, GPS location when activated, R U OK messages programmed to the app and at the press of a button will send an alert to your friends, family and/or your homestay family.

How it works.

During an emergency or a call for help, simply touch the power button on your smart-phone three-time which activates a two-way phone call to a nominated contact person and transmits emergency alerts with your location information.

Other key features:

– The International Student Care App has a built-in ‘triple-click’ side button feature makes activation each ( Android only)
– No need to unlock your phone to generate alerts
– Silent ‘duress’ mode available
– Check-in and Check-out from jobs/locations
– Manage people profiles and actions
– Set geo-fence prompts and notifications
– Automated notifications and emergency calls
– Integrated 24/7 monitoring centre*
– Location Services

What sets our International Student Care App apart?

Our app is available to download for Apple and Android operating systems. Our App’s interface is non-intrusive, easy to navigate and most importantly easy to use in the event of an emergency.

Our App can also be tailored for large scale requirements, built into the platform is the ability for declaration forms which can be prompted at your request.

We can connect the International Student Care App to our 24/7 monitoring centre* to ensure your loved ones always have someone there when they need them most.

*Additional charges

Student welfare services

Available for Apple and Android devices

Training and advice

Easy to install and use

Crisis management response

Can be used worldwide

Student welfare services

Stay in contact with your host family

Training and advice

Perfect for all ages

Crisis management response

Easy alarm to activate in an emergency

Step 1

In the event of an emergency, the International Student Care alarm is activated.

Step 2

Distress alert transmitted to A Grade police accredited monitoring centre.

Step 3

Monitoring centre can hear what is happening via the microphone on your phone including background noise.

Step 4

Monitoring centre receives GPS location from the activated International Student Care App.

Step 5

Monitoring centre make an informed decision based on the information they have received.

Step 6

Monitoring contact police directly and police respond to the location of the International Student Care App

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