Online Educational Behavioural Awareness

Education from experience

Our online training covers all aspects of awareness around Technology Abuse, how to secure your networks and devices and reduces risk and exposure to online predators and cyber bullies. We bring the user on the journey of how Technology Abuse happens and how to make sure you are not the next victim.

How it works.

After receiving credentials to login to the portal the user will be exposed to a basic level, easy to understand changes that they can take to ensure their devices and online habits minimise their risk to devices being externally accessed, online manipulation and cyber bullying.

The course covers the following key components:

– Password Safety
– Why 2 Factor Authentication is so important
– Malware safety
– Online presence – Be careful what you share online
– What to do if you think you’ve been hacked
– Factory resetting devices.
– Anti-Malware Scanning
– Wipe computers – Utilise cloud storage for important documents

What set our Online Educational Behavioural Awareness apart?

Our online course brings over 10 years of operational experience in disrupting Technology Abuse. Having helped thousands of men, women and families defeat this non-physical yet damaging abuse. We bring reality to the learning screen and provide real-life examples of how Technology Abuse can happen- and how to defeat it.
In our course, we empower the user to make the changes on their devices and truly learn how to change their once easily accessible tech habits.

If you are concerned that your mobile devices, computers or tablets may already be compromised and somebody accessing them, then please visit our Remote Technology Assessments for immediate intervention to prevent your personal data from being accessed and taken.

Discreet wearable technology

Empowering the user to learn

COVID-19 Safe. Online learning

Immediate co-ordinated response

Increase security settings

Understand what Tech Abuse is

Remain Safe Online

Prevent identity theft

Step 1

User purchase access to the online training portal.

Step 2

User receives login details via email with required login information.

Step 3

When the user first logs-in it will request a passwords change. Remember this password and ensure only you know this password.

Step 4

User is granted access and can immediately commence viewing training material and videos.

Step 5

User has 6 months access to Online training portal, resources are also available to download for later reference.

Step 6

User will be offered the next course which is available to them.

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