Providing safety and security solutions to vulnerable people, support services and organisations with a focus on Family Violence and Domestic Violence.

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Tailoring interventions to reduce risk, optimize and manage safety for clients, with a particular focus on disrupting family violence and domestic violence.
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With our suite of wearable personal alarms through to our remote assessment capabilities we disrupt technology abuse and empower victims of domestic violence and family violence.
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Inclusive of all levels of education, we provide support services to ensure the safety, welfare and wellbeing of those students both domestic and international entrusted to our care.

Helping people live life, not just survive.

At Protective Group, we aim to provide people with the confidence to live without fear. Everyone deserves the right to move through life without the worry of physical abuse, emotional abuse or other forms of abuse. Unfortunately though, this isn’t the case. We work with domestic violence and family violence support services to ensure that individuals and organisations are not targeted, threatened and harmed by others.

We’re here to do everything we can to limit this harm and abuse, and to provide effective, reliable safety and security service solutions to anyone that needs it, anywhere in Australia.

Through our three core streams – Protective Services, Tek Safe and International Student Care – we’re putting the power back in victims’ and organisations’ hands. By assessing any security-related situation, be it on or offline, we’re able to implement highly specialised techniques to overcome the risk posed, and then work with victims and organisations to develop and carry out individualised safety plans and strategies.

While we may never be able to eradicate safety and security threats from society altogether, we can at least provide confidence and peace of mind to those who need it most.

We help support services to provide a safe environment for their clients.

When people need help, the first place they often turn is to a support service, charity or non-government organisation. We work closely with these types of organisations and services to assess and minimise risks for their clients, and provide safety and security services for their home or workplace.


We help domestic violence and family violence services support victims.

Many domestic violence services call on our expertise to help improve victim survivor security. Often this involves a combination of services including risk, safety and lethality assessments, increased home security, implementation of personal safety planning and the provision of our Tek Safe Personal Duress Alarm.

Support Service

We help government departments with a range of cases.

On both a state and federal level, and for departments covering child protection, police and social security amongst others, we provide assistance via a range of our specialised services. This can include surveillance and investigative work, security services, vulnerability assessments and working one-on-one with victims to ensure their security and safety.

Security Service

We help corporations defend themselves against threats.

Companies large and small across various industries can also be the targets of malicious activities. In these cases, we often assist with investigations, security services and vulnerability assessment and planning, and IT and cyber security services through technology surveillance sweeps.

Family Violence

We help keep the homeless and rough sleeping people safe.

Even the most vulnerable and destitute members of our society can be the target of harm and abuse. To help keep homeless people and those sleeping rough safe while living on the street or in temporary accommodation, we work closely with support services, charities and NGOs.

Domestic Violence

We help lone and shift workers maintain a secure lifestyle.

Due to lone and shift workers’ often isolated working conditions or unusual working hours, they can be targeted by opportunistic perpetrators. To help overcome this and assist workplaces with their legislative obligations, we’re able to provide security services as well as our Tek Safe Personal Duress Alarm to ensure peace of mind that workers are protected with the push of a button.

Support Service

We help education providers maintain a safe learning environment.

Across universities, schools and colleges, we assist educational institutions in identifying and overcoming any security risks. This can include training staff on how to respond to an active armed offender, and providing crisis management as the link between a student’s family and school during times of crisis.

Family Violence

We help keep domestic and international students safe 24/7.

By working closely with students placed under our care, we’re able to provide a safe and secure environment to study and socialise in Australia. We even offer a dedicated phone line service and will physically attend to students in need, anytime of the day or night.

Domestic Violence

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