Homestay Placement Service

Help with your new home

This service allows international students to book and reside at a room in another person’s home for a varying period of times. Each homestay can provide an individually catered service in relation to the period of time the room is needed, what meals are provided and any additional needs.

A Homestay is designed for an International Student to experience the Australian way of life. A homestay allows an international student the opportunity to stay in a warm, welcoming Australian household, rather than in an impersonal apartment, dorm, or hotel. It gives guests the opportunity to experience local culture and practice their English in a family setting.

Once you have identified your Education Provider and the campus you will be attending then we can assist with your accommodation requirements. We will identify the homestay which best suits your needs taking into consideration proximity to your campus, access to public transport and any other cultural needs.

Our service is available across Australia including metropolitan and regional areas.

How it works.

Upon submitting a homestay placement request we will contact you acknowledging receipt of your request. We will gain an understanding of what you wish to gain from your homestay and your specific needs based on the following:

– Location. Close to beach or nature
– Religious requirements
– Cultural needs
– Dietary requirements
– Medical conditions such as allergies to household pets
– How long you wish to stay in the same house
– Would you prefer your own room
– Your level of English
– Do your require a homestay in your native language
– Any other personal requirements which may be required to determine a suitable homestay provider

All homestays have relevant State approval to be with children.

What sets our Homestay Placement Service apart?

Your safety and welfare are our constant priority through this process and our 24 hours a day 7 days a week response ensures you always have somebody to turn to when you need them most.  We have emergency accommodation providers with pre-allocated rooms available to International Student Care for every night/day of the year to ensure you are safe and secure and help you work through any issue that may be confronting you.

Your safety and welfare is our priority.

Student welfare services

Emergency accommodation available if required

Training and advice

Taking the anxiety out of choosing

Crisis management response

We listen and understand what you want

Student welfare services

Australia wide

Training and advice

We have found homes for hundreds of children

Crisis management response

We are here for you 24/7

Step 1

Clients directly or organisation on behalf of a client make a Homestay Placement request via phone or on our website.

Step 2

We arrange a time to meet with the client in person or if this is not possible via Internet video such as Skype or Zoom. The purpose of this meeting is to better understand the students’ requirements, what they want to experience in Australia and the reasons they prefer a homestay. We also need to understand if there are any pre-existing medical conditions.

Step 3

After gaining an understanding of the motivations of choosing a homestay and the personal requirements we will shortlist a number of homestay providers for the client to choose from taking into account any personal requests such as location.

Step 4

Will summarise our shortlisted selection of homestay options and present to the client. Once the client is comfortable with their choice we will arrange an Internet video call via Skype/Skype with the chosen homestay provider.

Step 5

Once a suitable homestay is agreed by the client we will conduct a safety assessment of the homestay property to ensure the safety of the Student at all times.

Step 6

After the property assessment is completed we will provide the findings to the homestay provider and may request safety enhancements if required. Once safety arrangements are completed or if none are deemed required we will advise the client that their homestay is safe and ready for their arrival.

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