Tek Safe Wearable Duress Alarm

Safety through technology – Teksafe Alarm Watch

In domestic violence situations, perpetrators will often break or disable their victim’s phone, leaving them unable to call for help. To overcome this, we created the Tek Safe personal safety watch wearable duress alarm. By harnessing the power of wearable technology, our Duress Alarm Watch provides people at any risk level with safety and peace of mind, knowing that a full response can be activated at the push of a distress alarm button.

Our wearable safety device can be tailored to your individual needs and is perfect for aged care residents or workers, lone workers, victims of violence and children.

How it works.

Being a wearable device and doubling as a smartwatch, our Duress Alarm is designed to be a discreet piece of technology using either Telstra or Optus 4G network. If at any time the wearer feels they’re in danger, they can engage the Duress Alarm with a simple two-step activation. This immediately opens live audio and video recording and provides our A-grade, 24/7 ASIAL accredited monitoring centre with GPS/WIFI location to pinpoint exactly where the victim is.

What sets our Duress Alarm apart?

There are a number of factors that make the TekSafe Wearable Duress Alarm the market leader. It’s a standalone product, so there’s no need for it to be tethered to a phone in order to pick up a signal at the press of a button. Plus, in the event of an accident all events are independently recorded, and it uses the latest GPS and WIFI technology for pinpoint location accuracy to alert emergency service. Also, our Safety Watch Australia and Safety Alarms is very easy to use, with two-button activation, which helps reduce false activations. And because it’s a discreet, fully functional smartwatch that comes in a range of colours, users are able to select an option that suits them and is more likely to blend in with their personal preferences. Through risk management our personal duress alarm systems are able to offer peace of mind. Your health and safety is our priority.

Each watch comes with a 30 minutes one-on-one training session with our trained professionals either in our Melbourne office or via a pre-scheduled Skype/Zoom video call.

All our watches are delivered through registered mail requiring a signature.

Tek Safe also offers an easy to use portable Pendant alarm, visit our Tek Safe Pendant Alarm page for further information.



TekSafe Watch: $599 + GST

Monitoring Term Required – Prices are additional to the cost of a new device.
3 Months – $200 + GST
6 Months – $400 + GST
12 Months – $600 + GST

Looking to purchase more than five Tek Safe devices?
Please contact us for corporate/bulk discount pricing.

Discreet wearable technology

Discreet wearable technology

Simple two-step activation

Immediate co-ordinated response

Immediate co-ordinated response

Live audio recording with GPS/WIFI locator

Supported by 24/7 monitoring centre

Links with individual personal safety plan

Step 1

In the event of an emergency, the watch alarm is activated.

Step 2

Distress alert transmitted to A Grade police accredited monitoring centre.

Step 3

Monitoring centre can hear what is happening via the microphone on your watch including background noise.

Step 4

Monitoring centre receives GPS location from the activated watch.

Step 5

Monitoring centre make an informed decision based on the information they have received.

Step 6

Monitoring contact police directly and police respond to the location of the watch.

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