Student Transfer

Transferring you to your new home safely

We provide a 24/7 secure, clean and safe transfer from the airport, schools and accommodation for international students to their required destination. All our drivers are licenced, insured and ensure social distancing measures, border control and biosecurity requirements are adhered to.

Our drivers through the transfer process are required to send prompts to our monitoring centre as various parts of the journey are completed, we know when your designated driver has arrived at the airport, made contact with the student, left the airport and arrived at the accommodation provider.

How it works.

Upon submitting a student transfer request we will contact you acknowledging receipt of your request. We will re-confirm all critical information that you have submitted in the request such as:

– Date, time and flight details of incoming or outbound flights
– Any physical condition that may require a specific vehicle
– Number of bags and luggage
– Accommodation or homestay details

We will also communicate the arrival and/or departure processes via email to the student with details on what to expect and most of all to reassure the student that regardless if their flight is delayed we will be there waiting for them.

What sets our Student transfer apart?

We have been entrusted by hundreds of parents and students to ensure they are transported safely to and from the airport. Our drivers at all times follow relevant state and federal COVID-19 guidelines to ensure the safe health of the student.

At International Student Care our transfer service commitment is one person per vehicle unless otherwise requested of the client and we are connected to the driver at all times to ensure the safe passage of the student.

Student welfare services

Australia wide

Training and advice

One student per vehicle

Crisis management response

Our service is available 24/7

Student welfare services

Wheelchair available vans

Training and advice

Drivers are connected at all times to our monitoring centre

Crisis management response

No additional fee charged for waiting time

Step 1

Clients directly or organisation on behalf of a client make a Student Transfer request via phone or on our website.

Step 2

We acknowledge the transfer service request and will make contact with you to confirm details.

Step 3

We will confirm the request and send a confirmation email and details about the arrival and/or departure transfer process.

Step 4

One week prior to departure/and or arrival we will re-confirm your details to ensure the transfer process is as stress free as possible.

Step 5

Our driver will arrive at the airport or accommodation provider 30mins prior to the estimated flight arrival time or required pick-up time.

Step 6

The Driver will safely transfer to or from the airport.

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