Care and Welfare (Over 18 years of age)

Always here for you

Our Care and Welfare Service is designed for students over the age of 18 years, we understand that this is an age of growing independence yet still a time when guidance, care and nurturing is still required.

Our complete arrival to departure Care and Welfare Service is designed to ensure your child remains and feels safe to give them the best chance of succeeding academically. We create a support network around them, we are always here to help your child, we can assist with one-on-one tutoring or give guidance on workplace laws if they are applying for a part-time job, we are here and available all day, every day.

We understand the anxiety and stress that can come with making a life-changing decision of whom to entrust the care of your child within your absence and we also understand your child may have questions. This is why we are here for you now and into the future when your child arrives in our care.

Please contact us if you or your child have any questions.

How it works.

The journey with International Student Care begins prior to your child even having their boarding pass printed. From the outset we bring the child and family on the journey of what to expect in Australia and the Australian way of life and culture, we introduce them to our support networks to bring comfort that we are always here to ensure your child or children always feels safe and have somebody to call or see if they need it. Be it during the night if they are struggling with the pressures of exam time or if they just need advice on which company to use if they are wanting to learn to drive.

We harness technology and methodology through other Protective Group of brands to bring safety and peace of mind.

Our Care and Welfare packages includes:

– Pre-departure induction program with interactive videos on the way of life in Australia, how the Guardianship will work (airport arrival process, how to download our exclusive International Student Care App)
– A thorough risk assessment at the homestay or relevant accommodation provider. Our assessment will include a report on the provider and relevant recommendations to ensure the safety of your child.
– COVID-19 precautions. Regular update to the student on the current status in Australia and the most updated guidelines.
– Transfer service from airport to homestay
– Phone Sim Card
– Understanding of local area amenities where their homestay is located
– Our International Student Care App which is linked to a 24hour Monitoring centre with live GPS feeds from the Mobile App.
– 24-hour live chat portal. The student can access this portal at any time and is a private one-one experience.
– Translation service is available in over 20 languages*

We will be required to make further recommendations for the safety of the student if we deem the child high risk due to health or personal issues and we will request the supply of our International Student Care watch along with other recommendations. Our priority is the safety and health of your child.

What sets our Care and Welfare apart?

With two decades of providing support and welfare for thousands of students, we bring experience and know-how in the way we operate. Across the Protective Group brands, we have been entrusted by local and state governments, NGO’s, Charities and individuals to provide safety and security for the vulnerable. We harness technology to bring safety and comfort to those who entrust us.

* Additional charge may apply.

Student welfare services

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Student welfare services

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Training and advice

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Crisis management response

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Step 1

Clients directly or organisation on behalf of a client make a Guardianship request via phone or on our website.

Step 2

We arrange a time to meet with the client in person or if this is not possible via Internet video such as Skype or Zoom. The purpose of this meeting is to better understand the students requirements and if there is anything that we need to be made aware of such as medical conditions.

Step 3

Where required we will conduct a physical safety assessment of where the child will be staying. Based on our final report we may request security upgrades to ensure the welfare of the student

Step 4

Students will receive via email a link to login to our online education portal that is designed to explain to the student the process of arrival into Australia, the Australian way of life and culture, how to contact us and download our exclusive International Student Care App.

Step 5

If accommodation or personal security upgrades are required they will be finalised 14 days prior to the student arriving into Australia and our care.

Step 6

Student departs home country and arrive into Australia and into our care to commence their education.

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