Remote Technology Assessments

Keeping you safe online when your offline

Specializing in disrupting technology abuse, Tek Safe has been at the forefront of on-site technology audits. With a country of this size we have now expanded our on-site services to include a remote assessment. The first of its kind in Australia using specially trained IT operatives we conduct and assist with disrupting tech abuse through an investigative lens.

How it works.

We will remotely access your devices once permission is granted and safe to do so. Devices we can assess include Computers/Laptops, Ipad and Tablets, and mobile phone devices. Once we have access to your device we will conduct a thorough check of all hard drives, check and remove any spyware and malicious programs, conduct an audit of your social media settings and then change all of your passwords.

What sets our Tech Assessment apart?

Our service continues after the audit of your devices and hardware by providing access to an exclusively tailored online beginners course designed to educate users on how to stay safe online, warning signs if your computer is being accessed externally and how to ensure you are using the strongest passwords for your online accounts.

We also offer our Remote Technology Assessment at our National Support Office located in Melbourne or at a location that suits you or your client, please visit our Computer and Phone Scans page for further information.

Discreet wearable technology

We service Australia wide

We assess all types of devices

Immediate co-ordinated response

Exclusive online education program post assessment

Perfect for families to keep children safe online

Assessments conducted remotely and safely

We can assist with all operating systems

Step 1

Initial introductory phone call to discuss concerns and requirements for remote assessment before payment and booking in time for risk assessment.

Step 2

Remotely connect to client computer and mobile to perform malware/spyware scans and complete risk assessment.

Step 3

Assess Device Settings by reviewing tracking features (Find my Friends/Phone), GPS history and smart device access.

Step 4

Review Social Media and other Online Account settings such as privacy and access settings, cloud and shared accounts (rewards programs).

Step 5

Review Online Password Safety and make recommendations along with changing all phone passcodes, default Wi-Fi passwords, computer and network passwords.

Step 6

Receive a developed risk assessment report and action plan.

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