Salvation Army – Safer in the Home

Salvation Army – Safer in the Home

The free Salvation Army Safer in the Home program is designed to expand the availability and reach of basic safety and security measures that support women and accompanying children experiencing family violence enabling them to remain safely in their homes. Currently delivered in all states and territories. Safer in the Home has been a well-received free practical response utilised by specialist family violence providers as part of a suite of service responses that improve the safety of women and children who have experienced violence.

The program is now also open to individuals that can self-refer based on meeting the eligibility criteria.

Protective Group acknowledges The Salvation Army in Australia as the Safer in the Home program owner and is supported with funding packages by the Commonwealth Government and Salvation Army acknowledged.

The Salvation Army acknowledges the traditional owners of Australia, aboriginal and torres strait islander people as the traditional custodians of Australia.

What is Safer in the Home and what is available*?

Through offering one or a combination of the following services and interventions to disrupt family abuse:

– Personal and Property Vulnerability and Safety Assessment together with basic security upgrades and interventions

Technology Vulnerability Assessment. 

The purpose of the program is to enable women and accompanying children to stay safely in their homes and connected to their communities after a family violence incident thus avoiding homelessness, further anxiety and displacement.

Salvation Army Safer in the Home Program principles

• Physical and emotional safety for women and children
• Empowerment, inclusivity, accessibility
• Community connection.

The journey so far between Protective Group and The Salvation Army

As service delivery partner to The Salvation Army Australia since 2016, Protective Group provides assessment and security interventions for thousands of women and their children experiencing family and domestic violence abuse every year enabling them to remain living safely in their homes.

Here we share with you stories of 3 women who have engaged with the Safer in the Home program. The cycles of abuse and the valuable assistance the program can give are found in every story. These stories while using actors are based on factual circumstances. Abuse is not always physical.

*Packages available subject to eligibility

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If you feel somebody you know would benefit from these free Salvation Army safer home services funded through the Commonwealth please use the below methods to share this page.

Always be careful when sharing a page such as this. You need to ensure the receiving person such as victim survivors or support services would be comfortable with receiving such information and that there personal devices are not being monitored by somebody other than themselves.

Salvation Army Safer in the Home – Assistance Form

Complete the form below and we will work with The Salvation Army Safer in the Home team and you as soon as possible to explain how we may be able to help and progress your request. This may involve a phone call from one of our team to discuss your individual circumstances if you are self-referring or if you are a crisis service referring a victim to the programme.
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Salvation Army Safer in the Home available packages*

Personal and Property Vulnerability and Safety Assessment (May include basic security and safety upgrades)

An on-site or remote risk and security assessment provided by Protective Group who may make recommendations around security upgrades that will be tailored to the requirements of individual women. The package is designed as a suitable early intervention with women and children considered to be at risk of Family Violence.
If approved by The Salvation Army funded upgrades could consist of the following:

– Security screens and Doors
– New locks for the following: doors, windows, external power boxes, water supply and gas mains.
– Sensor lights
– Improving external visibility through trimming trees/bushes
– Scanning mobile phones for tracking devices and malicious software.

Learn more about our Property Risk and Safety Assessment service.

Submit an assistance enquiry form and a member of our team will contact you regarding your individual circumstance*.

Technology Vulnerability Assessment

If you feel you are being stalked online or a victim of malicious apps such as spyware and other forms of illegal surveillance, this service may assist in detecting and removing these threats.

Whilst meeting with the victim or conducting our TVA remotely once the permission is granted we will take steps to remove any spyware, check social media settings and assist with general enquiries around technology abuse.

Submit an assistance enquiry form and a member of our team will contact you regarding your individual circumstance*.

*Packages available subject to eligibility

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