Safety Planning in the Home and the Workplace

Keeping you safe from harm

Conducting in-depth assessments to identify threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive personalised home and workplace risk and safety assessments provided by experienced, licensed professional assessors in all states and territories. We are able to provide you or your client with enhanced safety and peace of mind through an individualised service, with interventions tailored to their circumstances. Our service is available across Australia including metropolitan, regional and remote areas.

Through our Safety Planning, we take pride in delivering quality, client-focused safety services from start to finish, regardless of how complex the situation may be. Ultimately, our top priority is to ensure our clients feel safe and secure at all times.

How it works.

To effectively address the hazards and risks within a workplace, you must first properly identify them. When conducting risk identification we examine and identify the following:

-Tangible and intangible sources of risk
-Threats and opportunities
-Causes and events
-Consequences and their impact on objectives
-Meet legal requirements where applicable
-Limitations of knowledge and reliability of information
-Vulnerabilities and capabilities
-Prevent injuries or illnesses, especially when done at the design or planning stage
-Changes in external and internal context
-Indicators of emerging risks
-Time-related factors
-Biases, assumptions and beliefs of those involved

Focussing on these areas, our risk assessment team can then recommend and implement a plan to minimize the risk either in the home or workplace.

What sets our Safety Planning Apart?

By utilizing our other services and brands combined with our experience we are able to tailor a safety package that keeps individuals and workforces from harm. We not only look at the Physical risk but also the Technology and Emotional risk to ensure your home, or your workplace is able to continue operating efficiently and away from harm. Never more evident than during the current health and economic crisis.

Hidden Camera Detector

Keep your family safe from harm

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We ensure relevant compliance laws are met

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We utilise technology to keep you safe

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We can assist with your continuity planning to manage future risk

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Keeping your workforce safe when working from home

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COVID-19 Safety Planning

Step 1

Communication process with the client to understand the scope of the Safety Planning required taking into account OHS and legal obligations.

Step 2

Formulate a plan and scope of work required keeping clients thoroughly informed and connected during this process.

Step 3

Commence the safety assessment process. Evaluate hazards, then remove that hazard or minimize the level of its risk by adding control measures, as necessary.

Step 4

Present the findings and recommendations to the client and request from them authority to begin the next steps of implementing findings to reduce future risk.

Step 5

Once recommendations are approved we commence with project managing implementation.

Step 6

Final report submitted to the client along with further recommendations for ongoing support such as training and technology abuse assessment.

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